Student E-Book 2020 - 2021

Mobile Phone and Device Policy

Amery Hill School acknowledges that mobile phones are required for communication. Mobile phones are permitted in school subject to the following strict guidelines:

  1. At all times the student is responsible for the safe keeping of his or her mobile phone or device not the school.

  2. Mobile phones must be switched off between 8.45am – 3pm (this includes breaks and lunchtimes) unless a student has the direct permission of a member of staff.

  3. Students should keep their phones/devices out of sight and in a secure place, especially during PE lessons. Lockers are provided in PE.

  4. School will not take responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones/devices. (Parents need to be aware that insurance companies may not cover loss or damage to mobile phones in schools).

  5. Mobile phones or any device with the ability to access the internet are not allowed in examination rooms. Any student found in possession of such a device in an examination room will be disqualified from that and any future exams in that round.

  6. If a mobile phone/device is seen by a member of staff, between 8.45am - 3pm the device will be confiscated. A student may collect their phone or device from the school office when school finishes.

  7. If a phone/device is confiscated for a second time the parent will have to collect it from the main office.

  8. If a student continues to contravene the school’s mobile phone policy then they will be required to hand in their device on a daily basis for safe keeping.

  9. Students must not under any circumstances, film other students or teachers.

  10. Students found abusing the use of the phone e.g. making threatening calls, etc. may be reported to the police.

  11. Students must not contact parents via phones between 8.45am and 3pm. Please go to the front office if you need to make contact.

  12. Parents are advised not to contact their child via the mobile phone during the school day, but to use the service available through the reception staff.