Student E-Book 2020 - 2021

Amery Hill Expectations - PE Kit

Winter PE Kit Expectations


  • Plain Navy/Sky R150 reversible rugby shirt
  • Navy P235 shorts
  • Pale blue football socks

Summper PE Kit Expectations


  • Navy/Sky PE polo shirt
  • Navy P235 shorts
  • White ankle socks


  • Shin pads must be worn for football and hockey lessons
  • A gum shield must be worn for hockey and rugby
  • White socks must be worn over the ankle for indoor and summer lessons
  • Laces must be tied up outside the tongues of trainers
  • No jewellery to be worn during lessons; however, if earrings cannot be removed students must provide tape to cover them
  • School hoodies must NOT be worn in lessons; however, they can be worn at extra-curricular clubs and fixtures
  • Trainers and football boots should be worn in accordance with the PE lessons being taught


If students are excused from PE lessons for medical reasons, they must provide a valid medical note but will still be expected to get changed into their PE uniform so that they can participate in the
lesson either as a coach or officiator.